women in transitional justice

Women in transitional justice

After the end of a repressive regime and the transition to a transitional period, society shifts from conflict to consensus

The aim is to build a democratic system that prevents the renewal of conflicts and is linked to concepts of justice and transition.

To establish justice and the rule of law, communities striving for this goal must ensure that women have their role and actively participate in charting the way forward

What do women want from transitional justice

Women demand comprehensive representation as equal partners in democracy through several means

– Shaping policies
– Formulating laws that guarantee human rights
– Providing support and assistance to victims
– Promoting a culture of peace and reconciliation in society

Challenges facing women

– Exclusion and inequality in accessing equal participation opportunities due to gender discrimination and cultural bias
– Women and girls are at risk of sexual violence in armed conflict contexts and in transitional justice processes themselves
– Lack of representation in decision-making structures and institutions involved in transitional justice

As the German philosopher Hegel said in the search for truth, “The search will continue to awaken the enthusiasm and activity of man as long as there is a pulse beating and a soul feeling.”

So, what about when a victim searches for the truth

Perhaps that encapsulates many of the demands of women in transitional justice.


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