Feminist Journalism

Feminist journalism

is a type of journalism that focuses on women’s issues and is concerned with covering news and topics with feminine content. Feminist journalism works to shed light on women’s issues, their rights, and achieving gender equality. It also seeks to change the stereotypical image of women in the media and enhance their role and voice in society

Media Portrayal of Women

The term “stereotype” refers to common perceptions that form within the human mind without verifying information, often forming a biased or distorted view towards a group or issue. The media is relied upon as one of the most important means of spreading awareness about respecting women in society. However, it often perpetuates stereotypical images of women, necessitating periodic reviews of the media’s output on women’s issues

When Did It Start

Feminist journalism first emerged in the early 19th century in Europe. Shortly afterward, its inception appeared in Egypt in 1892 as an expression of women’s hopes and demands for their rights, which had been eroded by some social traditions

In Iraq

Iraq first witnessed feminist journalism in 1923 when Paulina Hassoun launched the magazine “Layla,” which continued until 1926. During this period, the journalist faced many troubles, whether from fellow journalists or some members of the public, which forced her to cease publishing her magazine and migrate outside of Iraq

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