What is meant by cyber violence

It is harmful behavior towards others through electronic means such as computers, phones, and social media platforms. Cyber violence does not necessarily involve physical force but rather encompasses actions and behaviors such as insults, defamation, slander, and threats

Forms of Cyber Violence Against Women

. Cyber blackmail: Such as defamation and threatening to expose photos or sensitive personal information

. Harassment: Through frequent calls or text messages

Tracking: Monitoring a woman’s activities and behaviors in real-time or retrospectively

Legal absence

Upon examining the Iraqi Penal Code Law No. (111) of the year (1969) and its punitive texts, it is noticed that there is no clear mention of the word “blackmail,” but its effects can be inferred by criminalizing some acts that inherently constitute blackmail.

According to a report by the Digital Inclusion Association, Facebook occupies the first position with a percentage of 18.3%, followed by Messenger with 8.5%. Instagram comes next with a percentage of 17%. The percentages were close in other applications such as WhatsApp with 7%, followed by Telegram and Twitter with a percentage of 5.6% for each.

Risks of cyber violence

It is considered one of the most dangerous types of violence faced by women currently, with the increasing reach of the internet and the absence of deterrent laws. This leads to psychological harm, shaking their confidence in society and undermining their balanced perspective.

Additionally, there is a spread of hate speech against women, especially activists in the public domain and human rights defenders, sometimes due to societal culture and social norms.


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