Civil marriag

The issue of civil marriage has recently sparked a great debate in social circles. Opinions about it were divided between supporters and opponents, as it was rejected by the clergy, while it was supported by the currents of civil society, so we must know what is civil marriage? Civil marriage …

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Cohabitation in Syrian law

Cohabitation: The high financial cost of traditional marriage… boredom from old habits… and the desire to discover the other… and individual freedom… in addition to satisfying repressed desires; All are justifications for the phenomenon of cohabitation, which is a phenomenon shrouded in secrecy in the vast majority of its cases. …

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The right to compensation in an arbitrary divorce

If a man divorces his wife and the judge finds that the husband is abusive in her divorce without reasonable cause and that the wife will thus suffer misery and poverty, the judge may order her divorced according to the condition and degree of his arbitrariness, with compensation not exceeding …

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Are rights and duties equal?

There is no doubt that rights and duties are two sides of the same coin, which together constitute the concept of citizenship. The citizen’s exercise of his rights, and the state’s duties towards him, is a reciprocal, interactive, participatory relationship, two inseparable twins. This relationship presupposes equality between the homeland …

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